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What’s the Podcast All About?
This Podcast will be about the Current event news as it relates to Microsoft the Corporation including but not limited to its Widely used Windows platform to his ventures in the interactive entertainment industry with XBOX, from Microsofts Azure platform to it’s Microsoft variant of Chrome and Android usage.

Can You Describe Your Podcast to a Stranger?
On this show we dig into the current events of Microsoft as it was in the 80s and 90s, it’s changes in the 2000s to now and where it will be headed for the future.

Who is This Podcast For?
This podcast is for those interested in the technology industry whether a beginner, hobbyist, professional, advocate. The show will primarily talk about Microsoft news so the topics will have a central focus of understanding without a need for being a career professional.

What Happens To Them After They Listen to Your Podcast?
This show is primarily news commentary and opinions. Through the narrative we will introduce a topic and give opinions and commentary on that event. Hopefully by the end of the show the listener is more informed and given the chance to make an opinion of their own with the newlyfound information the show provides them.

How Long Do You Plan to Keep Publishing Episodes?
Ideally this show will be a weekly show to be released minus holidays and emergencies. Ideally 45 episodes a year.

What Will Keep You Motivated to Regularly Publish Episodes?
Im self motivated to talk about technology. Im motivated to build out a show that is meant to help the listener. Will be looking to make this a sustainable effort but the income and fame from this is not the motivating factor

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